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2023 Church Council


Becky Newberry, President (Year 1 of 3)        Liaison: Property, Stewardship, Executive

Dan Price, Vice President (Year 3 of 3),         Liaison: Finance Personnel, Executive 

Joel Tompkins, Secretary (Year 1 of 3)         Liaison: Mission Endowment, Executive

Carolyn Jean Smith, Treasurer (Year 3 of 3) Liaison: Executive Committee 

Dwayne Gjoraas (Year 2 of 3)                       Liaison: New Americans 

Matt Lee (Year 3 of 3),                                 Liaison: Worship & Music 


Paterne Narand (Year 1 of 3)                        Liaison: Social Justice

Mary Rickerd (Year 3 of 3),                          Liaison: Columbarium 

Katie Vaage (Year 2 of 3)                             Liaison: Youth, Christian Ed 

Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg                     Executive Committee

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