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Ministry Opportunities at King of Glory


The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is the church that shares a living, daring confidence in God’s grace.

 King of Glory has a place for you!


Classes, small groups and forums for all ages are held outside of worship to reinforce the connection between faith and daily life.

  • Youth Ministries seek to provide an opportunity for children and teens to develop a sense of community within the church.

  • High School Group blends an even mix of discussion with games, activities and conventions.

  • Junior High Group also participates in a variety of activities with discussion blended in.

  • Our younger groups participate in fun activities and seasonal parties.

  • Adult Education offers classes, study groups and forums throughout the year.  Studies center on Bible content and critical thinking about one’s faith.

  • Camps are available (Scholarships as well!)  for our youth, adults and families – whether it’s a week-long day camp on the church campus or heading to Luther Heights Bible Camp  as a camper, camphand, counselor or volunteer.  Members also attend themed retreats for women, men and families as well as work weekends in groups or as families.


Sunday School

Sunday School classes (PreSchool to Senior High) are held Sundays fall through spring at 9:45 AM.

Preschoolers through 6th grade learn of God’s love through biblical and catechetical studies.  A strong emphasis is placed on learning Bible stories from the whole scriptures.  Jr. and Senior High School students critically reflect on the Bible and their faith.  They are introduced to the historical process through which scriptures developed.


Older Wiser Lutherans (OWLs)

This group welcomes everyone who is retired for monthly social events.


Social Ministries

King of Glory’s social ministry provides support during times of need by supplying meals or doing household chores for our families in need.  They provide outreach to the community through such projects as food drives and providing clothing, school supplies or personal items such as glasses, hearing aids, children’s books and more.



Childcare is available during services at King of Glory, including special seasonal and midweek worship.


New Member Class

New member classes are offered twice a year; these have 3-4 sessions and introduce potential members to the Lutheran faith and membership at King of Glory.  These are for anyone interested in joining the congregation.



Families that worship at King of Glory can participate in a variety of fellowship activities, including social hours, fundraisers, dinner parties, game and movie nights and more.


Getting Involved

Ask for our Time and Talents booklet describing the many ministry opportunities at King of Glory.

In Person Group Meetings


Men's Fellowship

    Men's Fellowship Group meets every Thursday at 9:00AM at the Black Bear Diner.

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    Days For Girls Group

    KOG Days for Girls Group Meets a couple times a month at the King of Glory Church.


    Quilting Group

      KOG Quilting Group meets every Tuesday & Thursday at 9:30AM at the King of Glory Church.

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      Scripture Study Group

        Scripture Study Group Meets every Friday at 9:00 AM at the King of Glory Church.

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