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Rest – Renewal - Reflection for Pastor Connie

With the recommendation of the Mutual Ministry Committee and Executive Committee, Council unanimously voted to encourage and support Pastor Connie to take January 1 to January 14, 2023, as a block of time for rest, renewal and reflection. As your elected leaders, we heartily support this time away from the daily demands

of the ministries of King of Glory.

Remember! Pastor Connie accepted the call to King of Glory and arrived, never having visited Boise, to “locked” doors at King of Glory. We were in the middle of the Covid pandemic shutdown. Worship was record

ed and shared on-line. As King of Glory gradually opened up, there were a high number of serious and terminal illnesses which required intensive pastoral care. There was staff-turnover which required extra administrative time for finding and training qualified staff. Within weeks of her arrival, several Treasure Valley Cluster pastors moved on to pastoral calls elsewhere. Pastor Connie, by default, became one of the area’s seasoned pastors! At this time also, King of Glory experienced break-ins at the church. Are you tired yet?!

With the encouragement and support of the Mutual Ministry Committee, Pastor Connie has expressed a need to step back to rest and also to better determine how to be a Pastor in these post-pandemic times. Pastor Connie was trained in a very different church. The world right now is a very different place than she and her colleagues have ever seen. Not only that, the fatigue factor is a common problem among clergy. Many are just simply leaving the ministry they were called to, exhausted from the demands of returning their congregations to “normal.”

We encourage our pastor to take time away to refresh her soul and reflect on how best to lead King of Glory into the future God is calling. And, we encourage Pastor Connie to sleep without guilt or checking her phone for urgent texts! The details of pastoral care and pulpit support for worship services are in the planning stages. We will share more information as we get closer to January 1.

Thank you for your prayerful support of this time of rest, renewal, and reflection for our beloved servant of God, Pastor Connie Winter-Eulberg.

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