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Quilt/School Kit Sunday October 23rd

The LWR Quilters will have quilts laid out on all the pews for a blessing. The school kits also will be placed in front of the altar that Sunday. The congregation will get first pick @$40 quilt, before the quilts are packed up. The school kits will not be available for purchase. The Quilts fit a twin size bed (60”by 80”). We will be packing them up on Monday to take to SOV for storing until they are shipped later in the week. Our cost to ship through the Quilt Shippers is $150. LWR asks only 23 cents a pound. WELCA has money to help us ship our quilts/kits but the Quilt Shippers ( who are non-profit) most always runs a little short of cash to rent the truck that takes all the boxes from here to Portland. They also pick up quilts/school kits at La Grande and The Dalles.

If you would like to donate to the Quilt Shippers, you can write out a check to the Quilt Shippers and put it in my mailbox at church. I will make sure The Quilt Shippers get the money.

We so appreciate all the help the congregation gives us!!

Many Thanks!!

Nicki Tompkins
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