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Empathetic Listening Workshop

WEDNESDAYS from 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

January 25th and February 8th

In 2023 - - - On ZOOM


Or use this link to a GoogleDoc to contact us:

We live in a world where people long to be heard by compassionate listeners, those to whom they can speak their truths aloud – receiving no defensiveness, no judgment, no advice. The goal of this workshop is that participants enhance their ability to listen with empathy.

Topics covered:

1) Defining Empathetic Listening. 2) 2) When and Where Can This Be Used? 3) What Prevents Empathetic Listening from Happening? 4) Techniques Used in Empathetic Listening.

This is a two-part experiential workshop where participants have opportunity during class to practice what they have learned, plus apply it to their own unique real-life situations (with family and friends, at work, at church, as they serve in their communities.)

Past attendees note, “This workshop changed the way I listen to others. I am really trying to be aware that theyshould be in charge, not me.” “I was surprised in that, even when I know the concepts, it is tough not to offer help or advice.” One attendee, during conversations with weekend houseguests, marveled at how much morethey opened up when she used techniques learned in the workshop.

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