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Christian Life Study Group

Still too many good books to read but summer is over! Christian Life Study group will begin a new year of thought-provoking reading on Monday, September 11 at 1 PM.

Amending the Christian Story by Ron Rude--The Natural Sciences as a Window into Grounded Faith and Sustainable Living. Retired ELCA Pastor Ron Rude, through the window of natural sciences—astronomy, geology, evolutionary biology, paleoanthropology—provides a fuller and more expansive view of God’s story of life and the story of Jesus. He wonders if humans can continue the lived-out assumption that we are separate from, superior to, the reason for, and the rulers of everything. Rude compels readers to shift Christianity’s claim and conduct to unite with God’s more sustainable and just world.

Intrigued? Wanting to further discuss these thoughts? Purchase the book from Amazon or Barnes and Noble, and read Parts 1 and 2 for September 11, ready to be challenged with our past, tackle the present, and move forward into the future.

The Christian Life Study group normally meets the first and third Mondays, beginning at 1PM via Zoom. For the Zoom link contact Mary Rickerd.

The Christian Life Group has been celebrating over 15 years of reading thought-provoking and challenging books related to the Christian faith. If you enjoy reading, and like to discuss your reading with others please consider joining the group!

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