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Presentation by Barbara (Yoshida) Berthiaume "Is it Happening Again?"

Presented by Barbara (Yoshida) Berthiaume,

Sansei (third generation Japanese American)




Barbara Yoshida Berthiaume was raised on a farm south of Nampa as a third generation Japanese American (Sansie) and is a 1963 graduate of Kuna High School. After years of living abroad, Barbara now resides in Port Ludlow, Washington where she is actively involved in her community.

This September Ms. Berthiaume returns to her home state to finally tell her family's story of being incarcerated at the Minidoka Internment Camp from 1942-1945. The Yoshida family, including Barbara's older sister who was just 18 months old at the time, are among the 120,000 people of Japanese descent that were taken from their homes and moved hundreds of miles to the desolate desert near Jerome, Idaho.

Barbara's parents, Tad and Mich Yoshida, never spoke of their traumatic experience nor of her uncles who volunteered for the 442 /100' RCT. In fact, she did not find out about it until she was a senior in high school.

Barbara has spent years researching information and speaking around the world about the incarceration of 120,000 people of Japanese descent and the 442nd Regimental Combat Team - an all-volunteer Japanese American unit AND the most decorated unit for its size and length of service in U.S. military history.

The public is invited to attend Tuesday, September 12th 7:00p.m., Boise High School Auditorium, 1010 W. Washington Street and Wednesday, September 13 7:00 p.m., Kuna High School Performing Arts Auditorium, 637 E. Deer Flat Rd., Kuna, Id. to hear what Barbara must passionately share!

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