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PASTOR CONNIE’S SUNDAY DISCUSSIONS Feb. 12th, 26th, March 5th, 26th


  • Use of Inclusive Language in Worship

  • What did Christ do on the cross? How does my understanding of Christ on the cross guide how I live my life?

  • Tools and Resources to reach out and care for our Church Members & Neighbors

USE OF INCLUSIVE LANGUAGE IN WORSHIP February 12 11:15AM - Bethlehem Room King of Glory is wonderful at welcoming people. To extend that welcome we want our language in worship to reflect our need to not exclude, or undervalue people. The words we choose to use in worship are an important reflection of who we are as a church. As a community of faith, we want to create a space where people can feel seen, heard and are valued for who they are. Our language needs to reflect our welcome. We will discuss the question, “How can we speak about God in a way that is expansive and to not put God in a box?” Many people talk about using language that is expansive and aims to use as many names and metaphors for God as possible. This allows us to use our imagination and understand who God is. We will take the names for God, speak them out loud and taste them in our mouths and listen to them. We will discuss worship that is inclusive and respectful of others, celebrating the breadth of God’s glory, while focusing on our major goal of praising and honoring God in worship.


11:15 AM - Bethlehem Room February 26 –Classical Theories of the cross and Jesus March 5 –Contemporary Theories of the cross and Jesus To help us prepare for Lent, we will be discussing what Jesus’ death and resurrection means to us. There are many theories that describe the act of Jesus dying a violent death and then being resurrected and what that means to humans. We hear several theories “called Atonement”, in worship through our hymns, liturgy, scripture, sermon and prayers. These theories connect how the church works and acts now. There are gifts and limits to every theory. The new theories address what has been missed in the past.

TOOLS AND RESOURCES TO REACH OUT AND CARE FOR OUR CHURCH MEMBERS & NEIGHBORS March 26, 2023 11:15 AM - Bethlehem Room When we are having a rough time, there is nothing like a call, email or visit from a friend. These connections make us feel loved and cared for. The outpouring of compassion from others can really change our mood and outlook on life. Ministry with and to each other is a great gift. When we reach out to others they feel connected to a larger community and we are blessed by our time with them. But, you may feel like you don’t know what to say or how to reach out to a friend at church or a neighbor in need. This class/discussion will give you tools to help you reach out to others. We will discuss and share how we can connect to members and neighbors who are grieving, ill, lonely and in need of a visit, a phone or FaceTime call, text message or a card in the mail. Pastor Connie: I love visiting people because I get to know them much better and I get to listen to great stories. Yes, I also hear about loss and pain. I know that I am to be a listener and someone who shares words of compassion. This is what people yearn for. I also give communion and say a prayer. I think that people are genuinely helped by my connection to them. I also know that our members feel appreciated and helped by connections with other members, neighbors and family and friends. A connection with you would help both you and the other person. Join me to find the tools to add to your ministry toolbelt.

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