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July 2023

Your WELCA is so proud and honored to be such a vital part of King of Glory Lutheran Church! We are inspired by our members, and our community, both in and outside our church walls. Each and every woman who attends King of Glory is a member of WELCA, and as such, contributes to the ministry of women serving the church and community. As was stated at our General Meeting in April: We are a group of very “Dangerous Women” who work to promote the well-being of many and various projects. For example, we have physically and financially supported local, national and world-wide philanthropies. We have created over 125 quilts so far this year to be shipped worldwide through Lutheran World Relief and are in the process of collecting recipes (275 so far) for King of Glory’s 60th Anniversary Cookbook. This leads me to remind the congregation that if you have a project you think WELCA would be interested in supporting, please fill out the necessary Financial Request Form found on the WELCA bulletin board. Our board meetings are always the second Saturday of the month at 9:30, held at church, and anyone is more than welcome to attend. Our next meeting will be Saturday, August 12, 2023.

There are three upcoming retreats this summer that are waiting for attendees to sign up for.

1. Luther Heights Women’s Retreat – July 14-16 (Carpooling sign-up is located on the WELCA bulletin board)

2. WELCA Triennial Gathering in Phoenix – Weekend of September 22nd (There is one prepaid registration available. Please see Patty Larson for information.)

3. Monastery of St. Gertrude Retreat – September 29-October 1 (Please check out the poster in the Narthex for information on this fabulous opportunity.)

As a final note, there will be three vacancies on your WELCA board after the 2023 term. If you are interested in being a part of this very fun and productive group, where the only commitment will be a monthly meeting and the feeling of massive accomplishment, please speak with Patty Larson at

(208) 863-9760 or

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