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May Council Connections

Becky Newberry 5.2023 CONNECTIONS
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Council Actions and Information

Council Continuing Business

The topics of discussion continue to be composed of the following items: the LEAP partnership for developing our backlot for affordable housing, with considerations for preserving the Community Garden as well as drilling a community well; the personnel committee continues to work with the candidate for the Director of Music Ministry position. Covenant Presbyterian has the use of our four octaves of handbells through a June 18th performance at Covenant, after which the handbells will be returned to KoG for the summer. Fall handbell collaboration is still TBD. The Nominating Committee now has the four volunteer members needed: two for one-year terms (Nick Ticker and Anise Lee) and two for two-year terms (Sharlene Harvey and Gary Derr).

Council Reports

Here are some highlights from Pastor Connie’s report to Council: the confirmation for Lawson Rocke and Fabrice Naraneang took place on Sunday May 21. Council members were introduced to the Multifaith Action Project (MAP). King of Glory Lutheran is one of 14 congregations participating in Louisville Seminary’s Myrtle Collaboration. This project is one of 13 hubs in the US and Canada working with about 350 congregations in the Called to Lives of Meaning and Purpose Initiative. MAP had a luncheon on May 19 and Pat Nearman represented KoG at this event. We will have opportunities to volunteer in the community with other people of faith as time goes on. MAP is organizing a large food in-gathering in September.

The Boise Pride Parade is scheduled for 10:00 am on Sunday, September 10, 2023. Council is in full agreement that Pastor Connie should walk in the parade along with as many congregation members as are interested in showing their support.

Committees have been asked to begin posting their news and meeting minutes on the KoG website. Instructions were provided on how this is done, by emailing our administrative assistant, Diana Shafer.

There is a fundraising request by Katie Vaage, on behalf of Ornella Kero. Ornella has the opportunity to participate in a volunteer program in Thailand this summer. Donations can be made through a GoFundMe account – an email request, containing this GoFundMe link, was sent to the congregation on May 22nd.


A continuing item of business on the monthly council agenda for the past year has been review of safe behavior related to pandemic issues. In consideration of Ada County’s caseloads of Covid, RSV and flu, the policy of wearing masks will continue to be “highly encouraged” but not required. Thank you for your efforts the past year to enable this community of faith to be together in-person.

King of Glory 60th Anniversary

The 60th Anniversary Task Force continues to meet. Watch for displays and celebratory events throughout the year.

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