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An update from the Mission Endowment Fund Committee

We completed our distributions for this year based on the income from our funds last year. As a reminder, we adhere to the following guidelines for our distributions:

20% - Outreach in the community and our synod

20% - Outreach in North America and throughout the world through the ELCA

20% - Capital improvements or building programs of King of Glory

40% - May be distributed among any of the other three designated areas noted above

Our distributions this year include:

Luther Heights: $500

Interfaith Sanctuary: $808

King of Glory Capital Improvement Fund: $2436

ECLA - Ukraine Fund: $936

We have made a change this year with our investments as well. The Mission Endowment Fund had a CD that matured so we established an investment account in the ELCA Endowment Fund, their Ministry Growth Fund. We still have a small Edwards Jones account and a checking account but the majority of the funds are now in the ECLA Mission Endowment Fund. We believe over time this will provide more growth in the funds over the long term.

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