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Open Positions

Position:  Director of Music Ministries

Position reports to the Pastor

Employment status:  Salaried, 20 hours per week, 12-month position

Salary:  $28,000 - $35,000 DOE



Responsible for the music for the worship of the congregation. This includes accompanying the vocal choir and accompaniment of music during the worship services on the organ, piano, guitar, etc. 



Performance - Accepts personal responsibility for and meets established standards for the quality, quantity, resource management and timeliness of work that often requires preparations in advance of meetings so that materials can be reviewed by staff.  Maintains a positive attitude, regular attendance, punctuality and demonstrates integrity and honesty. Acknowledges and corrects mistakes. Anticipates upcoming meetings and events, follow-through with necessary communications and actions. 


Civility – Demonstrates respect for others, open-mindedness, generosity of spirit, and a concern for the common good.


Communication – Communicates in a clear and concise way both verbally and in writing. Demonstrates the ability to convey ideas, thoughts, issues and information in any required context; be it one-on-one, small group, large group, presentations, or written format.


Innovation/Initiative/Problem Solving – Actively seeks to identify areas for personal and organizational change toward increased effectiveness.  Looks for ways to improve worship life by working with pastors, staff, council and committees to identify areas with improvement opportunities. 


Job Knowledge – Accepts personal responsibility for increasing job knowledge and developing new skills that contribute to this ministry.


Teamwork – Values and cooperates with all team members. Promotes a friendly climate, good morale and cooperative team relationships. Assures coverage of all duties when absent. 



  • Assist the worship committee and worship teams in a collaborative manner to select service music and liturgies as appropriate to the season. All planning is collaborative with the Pastor, Worship Committee and the worship planning teams.

  • Provide leadership and resources to musicians in the congregation.

  • Invite all worship participants to participate in singing with the vocal and handbell choirs, to contribute their music talents for a worship service. 

  • Be responsible for copyright permission for the music used in worship fill out reports on usage of copyrighted materials used in worship.  

  • Work closely with the Administrative Assistant and Pastor finalizing weekly bulletins and other worship needs to help ensure a seamless worship experience.

  • Provide organ/piano music for Sunday morning services and other seasonal services of the Church year. Accompany vocal choirs for rehearsals, Sunday mornings and other musical offerings.

  • Perform music and select additional musicians, as needed for all major celebrations including weddings, funerals in collaboration with the Pastor and the worship needs.

  • Coordinate local organists/pianists or students in sacred music programs to share their musical offerings.

  • Direct weekly rehearsals of the vocal choir and handbell choir. Recruit choir members and substitutes as needed. 

  • Act as a consultant to those who need assistance in planning music for weddings, funerals, baptisms, etc.

  • Determine and submit the annual budget requirements for the music program in collaboration with the worship committee and administrate the expenditures of the approved budget. 

  • Maintain the music library; supervise the maintenance of all instruments e.g. (organ, piano, handbells, etc.) 

  • Handle procurement of payment for all special musicians.

  • Attend regular staff meetings.

  • Maintain professional competency by attending continuing education opportunities and reading professional journals.

  • Perform other duties assigned by the Pastor.



  • Organization, administrative and leadership skills.  

  • Effective interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Knowledge of the instruments and keyboard ability sufficient to play hymns, liturgy and easy anthem accompaniments.

  • Demonstrated ability to sing and play with accurate pitch and rhythm.

  • Knowledge of basic music theory.

  • Ability to work in a team environment and with volunteers.

  • Ability to maintain confidentiality.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of Lutheran theology, liturgical practice and the use of music in worship.

  • Knowledge and experience using inclusive language in music offerings and in choosing music for worship.

  • We would prefer a candidate who practices their music and their faith. 

  • 2-3 years of experience in a Church setting desirable. 


Use of Technology

  • We live-stream worship. That is a piece of this work in putting together a worship service. Communication with volunteers and staff that organize visuals used during worship and that give visual support during worship music.  This staff person will work with the AV team.  



            BS/BA degree preferred.

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