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As Christians celebrate Holy Communion on the Lord’s Day, we are aware that we live in the midst of “angels and archangels and all the company of heaven,” and experience the presence of Jesus Christ in Word and Sacrament. We also keep the departed faithful close in our hearts and memories at the Holy Table, where we offer the “sacrifice of thanksgiving” for all who have given us life. How appropriate, then, to have a Columbarium Memorial Garden at King of Glory close to the Holy Table where we offer the “sacrifice of thanksgiving” for those who have given us life. The King of Glory Columbarium Memorial Garden is a quiet place of beauty and prayer-a visible reminder to the worshipping Body of Christ where the sacred remains of those we have loved in this life are lovingly kept and cared for. King of Glory offers the Columbarium Memorial Garden for the disposition of the remains of those who have been cremated. Located adjacent to the worship sanctuary, the Columbarium Memorial Garden is enclosed and protected, but always available for friends and loved ones to visit.

The Columbarium Memorial Garden is planned for the inurnment of baptized current members of King of Glory, baptized ascendants, first generation descendants and spouses or unmarried partners. Inurnment may also be granted to previous members of King of Glory upon the recommendation of the Pastor in consultation with the Columbarium Memorial Garden Board of Trustees. Cremains are kept in individual urns in wall enclosures, called niches. Urns are provided by the family, and must fit the size of the niche. Applications for niche space can be obtained through the Church Office or by completing the request on the back of this brochure. Choice of niche location is based upon the date of receipt of a signed agreement. The Columbarium Memorial Garden Board of Trustees are elected by the King of Glory congregation to serve a three-year term. Trustees have fiduciary responsibility for funds, maintain permanent records for archival purposes and oversee physical care and maintenance of the Columbarium Memorial Garden.